Choose from a great selection of frozen foods

  • Buffet lines and starters
  • Party-style bite-sized food
  • Chips, fries and potato products
  • Beef burgers and sausages
  • Ready meals
  • Frozen vegetables and fruit
  • Filleted, battered and coated fish
  • Luxury and value prawns
  • Scampi and fish cakes
  • Bakery and morning goods
  • Frozen cakes, desserts and ice cream

Reduce the waste and increase your profits

Freezer-to-table desserts and pre-portioned desserts mean that you can keep unnecessary wastage to an absolute minimum. Stock control and pre-planning becomes simpler and more cost-effective, helping you save money every time you place an order.

New products to revitalise your menus 

Our suppliers are constantly innovating and developing new products. So make sure you are registered to receive our Price Buster promotions—a handy way to keep up to date as soon as new lines and great offers become available.

We regularly review evolving trends in the catering sector, so there will always be something different to offer your customers. As a result menus become more appealing—which helps to attract new customers and increase your profits.